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Calcite over Malachite, Great Orme, Wales

Calcite over Malachite, Great Orme, Wales

Artikelnummer: TM1604

Calcite over Malachite on matrix-

Great Orme Mines,

Llandudno, Conwy,

North Wales, UK

67x 39 X 35mm

A classic British specimen from an ancient mine.

The three Great Orme mines have been mined for copper since ancient times , as far back as the Bronze age, as indicated by the stone and bone tools found there in the Old Mine workings, with an age of 1410 - 1070 BC. The Romans also dug out tonnes of copper ore and traded it around the Roman Empire for goods.

The most recent mining operations were during the 1800's and finished in late 1877 when Llandudno became a tourist destination.

Not much of this material is available now.

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