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Dioptase, Chrysocolla - Morenci Mine, Arizona

Dioptase, Chrysocolla - Morenci Mine, Arizona

Artikelnummer: 05BW28

Dioptase, Chrysocolla -

Morenci Mine, Morenci,  Greenlee County,  Arizona, USA

110 X 73 X 51MM      cabinet specimen



Dioptase is such a gorgeous emerald green colour and the many deeply coloured crystals that are scattered over the pale blue Chrysocolla surface of this specimen are no exception. 

Arizona has very few localities where Dioptase can be found, so its rareity from this state is well known, and the Morenci Mine in particular. 

This is a fascinating example of a classic copper secondary combination and a decent display specimen for your cabinet.

The dioptase crystals are individually up to 3mm  scattered over the surface and in attractive  emerald green crystal groups that contrast and show up against the pale creamy blue green background of chrysocolla etc.

Deaccessioned from my collection, where it has resided for about 20 years. Time to move it on to someone else who will appreciate its rareity and emerald green crystals.

This is one for the connoisseur. 

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