Fluorite : Greenlaws Mine, Weardale, Co. Durham

Fluorite : Greenlaws Mine, Weardale, Co. Durham

Artikelnummer: TM2002

Fluorite ( floater 'funky')

Greenlaws Mine

Daddry Shield, Weardale

County Durham, England, UK

75 x 54 x 27mm  xls> 17mm on edge 


Excellent sample displaying a gorgeous lilac blueberry colouration with reticulated growth and a waxy opaque frosted appearance to most crystal faces, which seems to be the case with these floaters, invariably found loose in the clay at the bottom of the pocket or cavity in which it formed. 

These floaters (no obvious points of attachment) are affectionately called 'funkies' by the mining team. 

This one is particularly attractive, with some lilac colour zones and is three dimensional with crystalization all over.

Nearly stayed in my collection.

As with all the fluorite from the mine, the colour of the crystals change markedly from one light source to another. All are highly fluorescent, although the floaters/ recrystalised specimens dont have such an intense reaction to daylight fluorescence.