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Gypsum & Malachite / Rosasite on Dolomite : Bou Beker,  Touissit

Gypsum & Malachite / Rosasite on Dolomite : Bou Beker, Touissit

Artikelnummer: TM21MOR

Bou Beker, Touissit- Bou Beker mining district,

Jerada Province, Oriental Region, Morocco


59 x 55 x 36 mm          small cab.


I first saw this material about twenty years ago and have seen it rarely presented on the market since then. Recognised as now classic material from Bou Beker, what isnt entirely clear with all specimens is whether the green copper mineral is Malachite or Rosasite, as analysed samples have shown both to be present.

This is another of those specimens that needs time to study in more detail.

Its really rather neat with the glassy gypsum  (selenite) crystals partially coating the underlying malachite aggregates, which in turn seem magnified. Both these minerals contrast beautifully against the blush pinky red of their dolomite host, whose rhombohedral, 'saddle-like' crystals are equally attractive.


(PM10 / TM21MOR)

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