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Malachite - Mutanda, DR Congo

Malachite - Mutanda, DR Congo

Artikelnummer: TM102011

Malachite Stalactite :

Mutanda Mine, Katanga Copper Crescent, Democratic Republic Congo


50 x 25 x 22mm  : miniature specimen


Introducing a stunning Malachite stalactite from Mutanda, DR Congo.

This piece is a true marvel of nature, featuring sparkling green hues that are sure to catch the eye of any collector. The unique, sculptural form of this mineral makes it a rare and captivating addition to any fine mineral collection. Mined from the depths of the earth, this Malachite stalactite is a truly special find, and its intricate mammilated habit and rich color make it a standout piece.

Using magnification the primary Malachite crystals, though tiny, are clearly visible, gemmy and add that gorgeous sparkle.

Add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your display with this exceptional specimen from the world renowned Katanga Copper Crescent..

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